Did you know . . . 

       -  That in certain circumstances, the person(s) being sued          has the right to transfer to federal court a lawsuit that
       was brought in state court?  

    -  That the lowest level court in the New York State court             system is called, oddly, the "Supreme Court"?

    -  That each possible cause of action has its own period of
        limitations and that if you miss the statute of limitations
        by even a single day, even the most meritorious lawsuit
        could be worthless?      

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I've litigated cases in many courts -- contested estates, real estate litigation, commercial litigation, employment litigation, federal labor law, and many other kinds of lawsuits,

The type of case, remedy sought, and amount at stake determine the right court.   Some cases are brought in state court, while others are started in federal court.  Each court has different jurisdictional requirements.  When those requirements overlap, we will choose a court as a matter of strategy. 
       Federal, State & City Trial Courts in New York
NYC Civil Court:  Disputes of up to $25,000.  "Small Claims Court," which hears disputes up to $5,000, is part of this court.

NYS Supreme Court: Disputes of more than  
$25,000 or involving non-monetary remedies.

NYS Surrogate's Court:  Mainly estates & adoptions. 

U.S. District Court:  Disputes involving questions
of federal law or involving citizens of different states.

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