Employment discrimination based on factors like age, race, national
origin, gender, pregnancy, religion, and 
disability violate federal and state law.

                Before a lawsuit can be 
                filed, federal law requires 
                that a charge must first be 
                filed with the Equal 
                Employment Opportunity 
                Commission. Charges may also 
                be filed with a state agency 
                like NYS Division of Human 
                Rights. State-law requisites 
                significantly differ from 
                Federal provisions.  Time 
                limits for such filings are 
                180 days, which most states extend to 300 days, and
                complaints with the Division of Human Rights have a 
                one-year limit.  Make sure to have your case
                evaluated early.  If you're running out of time,
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Among many federal employment discrimination statutes are Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Despite
these various protections, unless there is an employment agreement 
or collective bargaining agreement, an employer can refuse to hire, or can fire, a worker for any reason that is not unlawful.

Employment discrimination lawsuits require evidence that shows
discriminatory practices, proof of motivation, or statistics
suggesting a particular bias by the employer.  Employers
that discriminate rarely admit bias toward a specific group.

That's why I'll analyze not only the employer's direct statements, but also the company's hiring and firing decisions as well as 
other trends.

An employee who was fired, or who was not hired, due to unlawful employment discrimination, must act promptly to protect his or
her rights.  It is thus important, at the time of the first consultation, that we pinpoint the exact dates of all of the discriminatory acts.

    Did you know . . . 

       - That the Age Discrimination in Employment Act  was
        designed to protect workers at least 40 years old?
     - Sometimes a defendant that is not actually one's
        employer can be sued as though it were the employer, 
        if it maintains a large degree of control over plaintiff?

      -  In order to sue for most forms of employment
         discrimination under federal law, a charge must
         first be filed with the Equal Employment
         Opportunity Commission or a state agency such 
         as the N.Y.S. Division of Human Rights?

      -  A person can be fired for the color of his tie but not for
         the color of his skin? 

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Employment Discrimination in New York

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Tip:  Employment Discrimination involves conduct that deals with the reason that a person was fired or was not hired.  In other words, to constitute actionable discrimination, the employer's decision to fire or not to hire must be "because of" the discriminatory mindset.
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