Uncontested Estates

Whether your loved one passed away with or without a will, an estate proceeding should usually be routine. If a close family member has passed away, one of my responsibilities as a lawyer in Manhattan is to ease the legal process, not complicate your responsibilities at a difficult time.

Simply call for an appointment.  It's best to bring with you such documents as the death certificate, the will (if there was one), a copy of funeral bills, names and addresses of family members, and a list of assets that your family member owned as well as any debts.

As a New York probate attorney, I can usually prepare the necessary papers quickly.  You can
ordinarily expect that the
court will appoint the
personal representative of
the estate within weeks of
your first visit to my office.

As a NY estate planning
and probate lawyer, I'll let
you know promptly and in
detail the steps we will take.

        In most cases, an
     uncontested estate
                                    proceeding in New York
                                    will be surprisingly
quick, uncomplicated,
                                    and relatively

     And I  can usually
inform you of the exact
costs and fees involved,
     as well as a likely
                                    timetable, at the time of
                                    our very first meeting.
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New York Probate Attorney - Estate Administration

       Contested Estates

Questions often arise about whether a will is genuine or whether the testator (the person who signed it) was competent to execute a will.  One need not be in perfect mental state to sign a will, but must know the
"natural objects of one's
bounty” –- the value of
one's assets and whom 
he or she reasonably
wishes to leave assets to.

Sometimes it is claimed
that one signed a will 
under duress or that
someone exercised undue
influence.  These claims, while different from
  saying the testator lacked
  capacity to make a will, may
  still raise similar issues, as a
  fully competent person is
  unlikely to be deceived by
                          another person when making
  out a will.
  We will first review the will by
                         comparing the signature of the testator with other documents signed by him or her.  Then we review the precise circumstances of the will-signing, including who acted as witnesses, how the lawyer draftsman was chosen and by whom, and we will look carefully at the testator's medical condition.
I will promptly let you know all of the legal and factual issues and will outline the steps that I recommend that we take.  You'll know exactly what to expect as the matter moves forward.  You and I will, as a team, design a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome, with proper regard for costs involved.
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Did You Know . . .
  - That if a Will is not found
among the decedent's effects, it is typically presumed that
there was no will?

- That in certain instances, it is possible to probate a will
even if the original was lost or destroyed?

- That New York law has protections to prevent one from disinheriting his
or her spouse?
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