Summary:  Finding the right lawyer is not always easy.  Nor
                           is there a particular formula for knowing who the right lawyer
                           is.  But  here are five factors that you will find helpful in
                           selecting the right attorney to protect your interests.

                        1.  THE COMFORT FACTOR:  The first and sometimes the
        most important factor in finding the right lawyer is to make sure you are
        comfortable with him or her.  There’s no formula for comfort; it’s just a
        matter of  whether you like the person, whether you think he or she
        understands  your concerns, and whether you have confidence in that

  2.  EXPERIENCE:  Make sure the lawyer you want to hire not only has 
  sufficient experience practicing law, but also has the right kind of experience. 
  By way of illustration, just because a lawyer has, say, 30 years of practice
  under his belt doesn’t mean it’s the right kind of practice.  You wouldn’t pick 
  an attorney who has done nothing but personal injury work, for instance, to
  handle your employment discrimination case, and you wouldn't choose a 
  corporate lawyer to probate a will, no matter how good he or she is.

  3.  COMPREHENSION:  Law is a language unto itself.  A good lawyer must
  understand complex legal principles, but that doesn’t mean the lawyer should
  dazzle you with his or her knowledge.  Does the lawyer explain to you what
  you need to know?  Or does he or she speak too fast and too technically?

 4.  PATIENCE:  When you hire any professional – whether it be a doctor, a lawyer, a baker, or a  
 candlestick maker, you want that person to have time for you.  Does the lawyer rush you  off the
 phone?  Does he rush you out of his office?  A good lawyer can be expected to be busy, but  
 should also make you feel that your matter is important to him or her, that he or she actually cares.

5.  ASK QUESTIONS:  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  There's no such thing as a bad question.  Some people get intimidated about asking questions of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.  Don't be!  You are entitled to know as many details as possible about the lawyer you are going to hire, about his practice, about his ideas, and about how he is going to go about achieving the results that you desire.  Remember:  The lawyer is going to ask you lots of questions; you have the right to ask lots of questions too.  
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