Guardianships            in NY

        An individual sometimes  loses ability to manage his or
        her person and/or property.  Article 81 of NY’s Mental
        Hygiene Law provides remedies.  Article 81 permits
        powers to be tailored to the individual's particular needs:
        Sometimes a guardian is given broad powers; at other 
        times, depending on the person's abilities, the powers can
        be very limited.   Article 81 was designed to provide the
        person as much personal dignity and freedom as possible,
        depending on his or her circumstances.

How a Guardianship Works
Guardianships are treated on an expedited basis --often the
entire proceeding can take only a month.  A hearing is set usually for two to four weeks after the papers are  filed with 
the court.  The person who is the subject of the proceeding must be present unless unable to meaningfully participate.  

The court appoints a “court evaluator” (often an attorney) to gather facts about the person who is the subject of the proceeding and to prepare a report with recommendations. 

Often, I will require no payment in advance and will allow the Court to set my fee from the person's assets.
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Appoint a Guardian in NY
   Did you know . . . 

     - That the current guardianship statute evolved from an era
       when in order to appoint a person to attend to another
       person's affairs, the person was declared a "lunatic" or 
       an "idiot"?

     - That today's guardianship statute allows for "single use
        transactions," in which no guardian is appointed, but,
        rather, the person who needs assistance is sometimes
        given help with just one transaction or activity?
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Tip:  Look for a lawyer with a proven track record in guardianship proceedings.  Before retaining a lawyer, ask how many such proceedings that lawyer has handled.
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