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Wills, Probate & Estate Administration

The Basics About Wills in New York

Do I Need A Will?

Making Changes To A Will

Contested Estates 101

Estate Tax 101

The Basics of Probate

Intestacy (Dying Without A Will)

Can A Spouse Be Disinherited?

The Basics About A Power of Attorney

Civil Litigation

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Civil Lawsuits

The Importance Of Procedure In The Legal System

What Is A Motion For Summary Judgment

How To Transfer A Case From State To Federal Court

The Differences Between State and Federal Courts in New York

Is It Really Fraud?

Two Ways To Stop The Clock Of The Statute Of Limitations

What You Should Know About Having Your Deposition Taken

How To Sue The State of New York

Class Action Lawsuits

Non-Compete Clauses in New York

What is "Unjust Enrichment"?

Employment Discrimination

Do You Need A Lawyer To File A Charge of Discrimination?

Filing An Employment Discrimination Claim   

What You Need To Know About Age Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

National Origin Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Race Discrimination

Employment Discrimination Under NYS Law (As Opposed to Federal Law)

Federal Labor Law

A Labor Union's Duty To Fairly Represent Its Members

When Clock Starts Running On A Labor Union's Duty To Fairly Represent Members

Preemption of State Law In Certain Suits Against Labor Unions

Guardianship Law In New York

Articles That May Interest You

How To Pick The Right Lawyer

Is This A Good Time To Buy Real Estate?

Why Is NY's Lowest Level State Court Called The "Supreme Court"?

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