Buying a house, co-op, or condo is one of 
                                                    the biggest transactions of your life.  Look
                                                    for a New York real estate lawyer who will
                                                    not look upon your purchase as merely "a    
                                                     closing." The transaction is multi-facted --
negotiating the contract; procuring title insurance; assisting with your mortgage application, including such factors as rate, duration, points, 
amortization, prepayment penalties, and hidden fees; and protecting your rights at the closing.  Your lawyer must pay attention to detail.  I'll make sure you get what you bargained for and can usually quote a complete fee from
the very first call. 


When you sell a house, co-op, or condo, you're preparing for a change – 
more space for your growing family; a smaller space with fewer maintenance headaches; relocating for a career  change; or many other circumstances. 
You want a smooth transaction.   You have enough going on to have to 
worry about whether your lawyer has made your needs his priority.  I'll make sure everything goes as easily as possible.   I can usually quote a complete fee from the first call.  

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Other Real Estate-Related Legal Services

      I also have experience in other real-estate related legal services, including commercial
      transactions and leases, issues involving easements and liens, gratuitous transfers, issues
      that involve various municipal and state administrative agencies, and litigation that arises 
      from real estate-related issues.  

    Did you know . . . 

         - That when a married couple buy a home, if the deed is carelessly
    drafted, it could create difficulties in the event of the death of one of
    the spouses?  Deeds can be drafted to create a tenancy by the entirety
    (joint ownership by a husband and wife), a joint tenancy with right of
    survivorship, or a tenancy in common (where each of two or more 
    owners is entitled to a portion of the ownership interest).  

        - That if your neighbors use a small portion of your property for their
    own use, there are circumstances in which after a period of time, those
    neighbors may attain ownership of that portion of your property?
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