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                          MEMBERS                               A labor union owes its                                                               members a duty known
                                                          as the Duty of Fair                                                                     Representation.  There
                                                          are three ways  in which
                                                   that duty is violated – by
                                                          conduct that is in bad
                                                          faith, arbitrary, or
                                                         Courts have described
  that duty as the corollary
  to the fact that union members cede to their union the right to
  bargain with the employer.  Courts recognize the need of labor
  unions to have leeway in their operations, but hold unions to this
  minimum standard of good behavior.  A union does not violate
  its duty of fair representation if it merely
  makes a bad decision or behaves
  negligently – it takes more than that to
  violate the duty.
  Perhaps the most important - or at least
  the most immediate - thing a union
  member needs needs to know about the Duty of Fair
  Representation is that it has a very short limitations period --
  six months from when the duty is breached or when a union
  member reasonably would know of the breach.  It is thus
  crucial to get prompt legal advice.
I've prosecuted many lawsuits
in the area of federal labor
law, especially in the aviation industry.  I've represented pilot groups at
many airlines and have handled class actions in this area of the law
  Did you know . . .

   - That the duty of fair representation  
  was created by the United States
  Supreme Court?

    -  That federal labor law in the aviation
  industry is governed by the Railway
  Labor Act?
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Tip:  Before hiring an attorney to handle a Duty of Fair Representation lawsuit against a labor union, make sure that the attorney is experienced in this area of the law.  Don't ask about his or her general litigation experience; ask about his or her DFR litigation experience.
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