New York Estate Attorney Who Wrote the Book on Probate

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Over many years, Michael Haber has practiced law in New York. He has litigated in various courts and has handled probate matters, guardianships, real estate litigation, contract disputes, commercial litigation, employment lawsuits, and even complex class actions in the aviation industry.

He will bring to your matter a wealth of experience. And his varied and extensive experience means that your matter will not require him to bring in other lawyers. He can do it all. In this age of specialization, law firms often need to bring in other attorneys who have experience in particular areas of law; which means that during the course of a one-hour meeting, the client may be paying for the time of a few attorneys.

Mr. Haber has experience in both state and federal courts, as well as experience in arbitration and mediation. His vast experience also allows him to draft important documents dealing with various contracts, with establishing and selling businesses, and estate-planning documents, like wills and trusts.

Among the many courts Mr. Haber has appeared in are NYS Supreme Court; Surrogate’s Court; the Appellate Division, First and Second Departments; the New York Court of Appeals; U.S. District Court; and the U.S. Court of Appeals, where he has helped to establish new law.  And his experience in many different courts throughout New York makes him familiar with the differing approaches taken by different courts and different judges.

Every day he works to combine his legal knowledge and experience with old-fashioned common-sense to help clients achieve goals in ways that are powerful, result-oriented, and cost-effective. His track record of success will help you achieve the results you are fighting for without making the matter more complicated than it needs to be.  He offers free initial consultations, so that you can determine whether he is the right lawyer for you.

When you hire Michael Haber, you get Michael Haber – not a different attorney or a less experienced associate. Michael will make every court appearance on your behalf and will personally handle your matter on a daily basis. You will be in frequent contact with him, and you’ll even have his cell phone number. You can call him whenever there is something important to discuss, even at night or on the weekends. He prides himself on almost always returning calls or responding to emails the same day.

And he won’t rush you. People often complain that attorneys try to hurry them up. Mr. Haber is an old-fashioned type of attorney. He appreciates that details can spell the difference in the outcome of any kind of legal matter. So if he asks you to summarize facts, he’s interested in knowing every last bit of information.

Mr. Haber knows that words are both his tools and his weapons.  That awareness aids his oral advocacy in court, where he is known for being extremely well-prepared and for understanding every last detail of his case. It also informs his preparation of legal briefs, an activity in which he not only has vast experience, but one that he is particularly well suited for based on his background: Before practicing law, he worked as a journalist, writer, and public relations specialist. He conducts legal research quickly and effectively, and makes powerful arguments in court and develops authoritative and well-reasoned legal arguments in briefs and other documents.

If you have a legal matter that requires strong and effective representation, contact our office for a free 30-minute consultation.  There’s never an obligation. You’ll meet with, or speak with, Mr. Haber, and at the end of that half hour, you’ll know whether Michael S. Haber is the right lawyer for you. And because Mr. Haber’s attitude is that he is an attorney and not a salesman, there’s never any pressure to hire him. He recognizes that a successful attorney-client relationship is based not just on things that can be measured (like experience or cost), but also on other important factors – whether you are comfortable with the particular attorney and feel that the attorney will be someone you can work with effectively. To find out whether Mr. Haber is a good fit for your legal needs, call or contact him and arrange for your free consultation.

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