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From your first discussion or meeting with him, Mr. Haber will size up the situation, assess your case’s strengths and weaknesses, alert you to challenges and pitfalls, and immediately let you know his plan to quickly achieve the result that you want.  At every step of the way, you and Mr. Haber will be a team working to achieve exceptional results for you.


An individual sometimes loses the ability to manage his or her personal or financial affairs. Article 81 of NY’s Mental Hygiene Law provides remedies by allowing the court to appoint a person (usually a family member) to make certain decisions for the person.

Union Members' Rights

A labor union owes its members a duty, known as the Duty of Fair Representation. This duty was first created by the United States Supreme Court in 1944 and has developed and changed since that time. The Duty of Fair Representation requires that the union not engage in any conduct that is in bad faith, arbitrary, or discriminatory toward its members.

Civil Litigation

Mr. Haber has litigated many different kinds of cases in a variety of different courts, both state and federal. Litigation can be complicated, and unless the matter falls within the definition of a “small claim,” nobody should try litigating without an attorney.

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