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Top-notch attorney!

Michael answered several questions in a timely manner. He was responsive, asked strong clarifying questions and explained things in an understandable manner. He provided a suggested resource to read to further educate me and my family. He wasn’t pushy and was polite listening. I’d highly recommend Michael S. Haber.

Posted by Andrea

Lawyer Recommendation

I had hired Mr. Haber to take on a case of mine and couldn’t have been any more pleased. He was professional, responsive, well organized, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.
I very much commend Michael for his hard work and highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thanks so much for your recommendation. I’m gratified that you were pleased.”

Posted by James Padone

A Client’s Opinion

I hired Michael Haber to represent me in a very contentious contested probate proceeding. It was the first and only time I ever hired a lawyer. Michael disproved everything I had ever heard about lawyers. He was approachable, down-to-earth, sensitive, easy to talk to, and often quite funny. And he was genuinely interested in helping me. All of those qualities would have been good enough, but he went way beyond that – he came up with a strategy that was wildly successful, getting me an amount of money that a different lawyer I spoke to thought would be impossible. He kept me informed at every step of the way and was always accessible to me. Not only that, but I can’t even complain about his bill. I felt almost as though I made a new friend. Michael knows his stuff, and knows his way around the courthouse. He’s a great litigator and an amazing negotiator. He obviously couldn’t remove all of the stress, but he made it bearable. I hope you never need a lawyer, but if you do, I would enthusiastically recommend Michael.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thank you for your vote of confidence. I’m always eager to be of help, and I’m very happy that you were so satisfied with the results.”

Posted by Diane S. Miller


I initially had a consultation and then hired Mr. Haber. He is fabulous! As a medical professional, I have little legal-ese experience. So when I needed help, I did a Google search. What initially attracted me to this practice was his website. He GETS it. I live out of state but needed a NY attorney. Michael contacted me immediately, listened intently and was very clear and concise about how to proceed. I gave him as much information as I could about this issue and then, he just took over and handled it, which is EXACTLY what I wanted and needed. He kept me readily informed, kept me abreast of subsequent issues, went over my contract line by line, addressed the concerns he had, proposed solutions that ultimately came to fruition and solved ALL the issues. He ACTUALLY cared about me as a client. Very, very rare. While interacting with Michael, I felt like I was talking to and be guided by a hometown guy who was just plain smart and got things done. And it turns out he’s an attorney in the Big Apple AND he KNOWS his stuff. Great negotiator as well. I would definitely, definitely hire him again if I ever needed legal advice in NY. Additionally, he’s honest and will tell you like it is!

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thank you so much for your very positive review.”

Posted by Loretta Madden-Holman

Excellent Representation

Michael S. Haber is an excellent attorney. In the time that I have known him, I have found him to be very honest, practical and efficient. He is deliberately eloquent, intellectually sound and very effective in the legal briefs he has prepped for me. I see myself forging a long term professional relationship with Mr. Haber as he is quite knowledgeable in different aspects of law that affect me. He is willing to learn and broaden his legal prowess into areas that he is not particularly familiar with in order to help me. I recommend Michael wholeheartedly; he is fair and honest and just, and he does his work brilliantly.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Your comments mean a lot to me. Thank you.”

Posted by Miriam

estate/probate legalities for beneficiary

very informative, quick to respond. Knowledgeable.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thank you for your kind words.”

Posted by anonymous

SKillful and Compassionate

I hired Michael in a guardianship proceeding. Throughout the matter, he represented me with skill and compassion. He explained to me each step in the proceeding and mapped out a stadegy that we could deploy. I was very happy with the representation and would recommend Michael to anyone who wants a dedicated and concerned attorney who will fight for their rights.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thank you for your review. When a client calls me dedicated and compassionate, it truly is a meaningful reward.”

Posted by Michael


Barely answered my question, yet was quick to point out justification of exorbitant attorney fees… without knowing or asking specifics of my particular case.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Let’s be clear: I never represented you, never met you, never spoke with you, never even corresponded with you, and I don’t even know your name. I merely answered a question that you posed here on Avvo. I’m sorry you didn’t like my answer, but I call them as I see them. I can’t guarantee you an answer you like, but I can guarantee an honest answer.”

Posted by anonymous

How could someone not give Mr Haber but a 5 star excellent grade with which he has to look at to render a intelligent answer/res

With what he had to look at and I was a bit limited with what I had to give him. He did do a very good analysis of the information in which I gave him.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thanks so much.”

Posted by Charles L.


Answered questions efficiently and quickly. Very helpful.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “I very much appreciate your kind words.”

Posted by anonymous

A real attorney

This man is articulate, pleasant, and very knowledgable about the law. Hire him!

Michael S. Haber’s response: “I wish I knew who wrote this. But I do sincerely appreciate your words.”

Posted by anonymous


Gave good advices.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thanks. I was glad to help.”

Posted by Alina


Michael answered all questions with concise direct answers

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thanks for saying so.”

Posted by anonymous

Tried to help me

I communicated with Mr. Haber exclusively through Avvo and did not speak directly to him regarding locating an attorney named in a relative’s will. I had already attempted to locate said lawyer with tools at my disposal. Mr. Haber indicated hat he may have ones that were not available to the general public. Although he attempted to find this person, he did not provide any further information than I already had, but I do appreciate his willingness to help.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thanks. I just want to be clear that my efforts on your behalf were simply in responding to your avvo question, and that I never represented you. But I’m always willing to extend a helping hand.”

Posted by Deborah Dunbar

Excellent Representation with Personal Attention

I initially obtained advice from Mr. Haber through Avvo and discussed my initial matter with him. His concise and vast knowledge of all maters led me to hire him for my case.
His personal attention and workability led me to hire him for an additional two matters, which he is attentively attending to all with great success. I would definitely recommend him.

Posted by HaroldDavidoff

I was very pleased with the results of my visit to

Michael S. Haber provided me with clear instructions regarding which forms to file in my defense against a frivolous lawsuit. I needed a clarification of what form(s) was/were necessary to file with the court to defend against the action brought. I thank him profusely for his expert guidance!

Posted by Steve

Reliable, Caring and Professional

How good Mr. Haber’s quality and talent as a lawyer is clearly demonstrated at his website, which was complimented by the lawyer who worked for me before, too.

Michael’s ability to explain things accurately to the point impressed me, and made me realize that was the sign of an experienced legal expert as he is. His comment inspired me to figure out what is right and proper at any given moments in my case.

I appreciated his accommodated fee conditions and I am fond of his pleasant old-fashioned manner I felt comfortable with, so I was able to eliminate my anxiety.

Yes, I highly recommended Michale as a reliable, professional lawyer.

Michael S. Haber’s response: “Thank you for saying so. I truly appreciate your comments.”

Posted by Marie

He put my mind at ease.

Mr. Haber’s manner was so delightful and discussing my problem with him was such a pleasurable experience I am no longer anxious about accepting the role as executor of my uncle’s will. I am now comfortable asking questions of the paralegal in charge of his will. Mr. Haber put me at ease and gave me the confidence that I needed. Thank you.

Posted by Ruth

Best New York attorney

While all attorneys are supposed to be pretty much ‘time clock billing machines’, Mr. Haber must come from a rare breed. He is a kind, very concerned, good listener who creatively helped me put together a non-compete negotiation with my new employer. He was accommodating enough with the billing process to allow me to afford the legal costs. I recommend Mr. Haber very highly as I found his experience, knowledge and good heart to be critical pieces in my negotiation success to best protect my interests. I have worked, on a corporate level for other cases, with several attorneys and, in my opinion, on my own case, Michael Haber, has demonstrated the outstanding ability of building up credibility for the legal professionals as he is a fantastic attorney and one whom I would strongly recommend at any time. He’s the best!

Posted by mcgarrido

A Lawyer’s Lawyer

Michael is truly a lawyer’s lawyer. He has provided excellent legal advice on complex issues relating to civil litigation. His thorough grasp of issues and his ability to carve out a successful legal strategy are his hallmark. I am completely confident in his legal abilities. What also stands him apart from others is his unstinting dedication in obtaining the very best results for his clients.

Posted by Odette

Highly Recommended Attorney

Michael handled a probate matter for me a couple of years ago. Even though the matter was complex, he simplified the matter, clearly explained it to me, and planned a strategy that worked 100%.

He was easy to talk to and I felt more like he was a friend than just a lawyer.

Posted by delilah

Amazing lawyer

Michael is an experienced attorney with a strong breadth of knowledge in legal issues, a good deal of common sense, and insight as to legal strategy. He is friendly, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. He has handled several legal matters for me and each one was successful.

Posted by anonymous

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